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Welcome to RAMENCADO


Fusion Ramen & Avocado Food

The story behind the concept

The combination of modernity, tradition and a pinch of craziness is that what makes us unique. A lot of attention is paid to essential ingredients such as our homemade noodles or the broth. Because we put a lot of patience, discipline and love into the production.

And Why craziness? Our motto here is: be different. We combine ramen with Vietnamese elements and offer avocado dishes as starters like no other.

The Fusion with ComPho 1966

Until 2020, RAMENCADO and ComPho 1966 were two independent restaurant concepts of the CôDung Group family, which were located next to each other at Färberstraße 42 in Nuremberg.

The merger into a common menu took place during the first lockdown. Our goal was to offer our guests an extensive menu. Why choose between ramen or pho when you can have both? The Cooking was and still is done in separate kitchens. So there are - despite a larger offer - no compromises in taste!

more than just a food bar


Become our franchise partner and spread the fusion ramen culture.


We are a producer of regional, handmade noodles for retail and gastronomy.

CôDung Group

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