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About us


Our kitchen philosophy




Our formula for success consists of many ingredients, but above all passion and discipline - qualities that we learned from the Japanese art of cooking, which requires the highest precision on many levels.


But we also want to show you how versatile Asian cuisine can be by fusing traditional dishes with new components - for a distinctive culinary experience. If you want to eat ramen with Vietnamese elements, you have to come to us at RAMENCADO.


The essence of every ramen is revealed in the broth. But what makes a good broth? True to the motto "Good things take time" - our broths are boiled for over 6 hours to achieve maximum taste. We also devote countless hours every day to our own products such as noodles, gs, tares and oils to create our own recognition value.


Uniqueness is also a recurring motif with our starters. To net get bored by  conventional starters such as Gyoza & co., additionally you can find some delicious appetizers with the avocado.


Together with Ramenfaktur and wecraftjoy we are producers and suppliers of handmade, noodles (ramen, udon, soba).

Best quality - made in Germany - with regional ingredients from Bavaria is our cooking philosophy.

Our customers include retail (Japanese delicatessen shop MIKADO) and gastronomy (Bayrischer Hof, Bambule Bar Munich, Usagi Munich, etc.)

Visit us in our glass factory in Nuremberg.

Johannisstr. 28a

90419 Nuremberg

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•Ramen & Avocado - two hype/trend foods on one menu

•Unique concept with Vietnamese fusion elements

•Creative appetizers


•Manageable number of meals

•Uncomplicated preparation, fast preparation time

• Easy-to-learn cuisine

•Constant updates about new trends (ingredients, technologies)

•New dishes and creations are shared

•Branding, social media, marketing support guaranteed



Färberstr. 42

90402 Nürnberg


Václavkova 2

160 00 Praha 6

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